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Supreme Court orders to maintain military courts

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has given biggest decision that to maintain military courts while, rejecting all applications regarding amendment in 18 and 21 constitution.Whereas, injunction against the implementation of penalties by military court was abolished.

Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk read the decision of appeals in open court against the constitutional amendments, where Court has rejected all petitions against amendment in the constitution of 18 and 21, which was filed by Pakistan Bar Council, Supreme Court Bar Association and lawyers organizations across the country.

It was mentioned in the decision of Court that 24 petitions were filed for amendment in the constitution of 18, on which 14 judges gave their decision in its opposition while, three gave decision on favor. Meanwhile, 17 petitions were filed against the constitution of 21, which were rejected by the majority.

Supreme Court issued an injunction after hearing the petition against  constitutional amendments and the establishment of military courts under seventeen-member bench of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the decision was saved on June 26 in full court which was headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, while appointment procedure of judges, reserved seats for women had been challenged in the amendment of 18, while establishment of military court and amendment in Army act had been challenged in the constitution of 21.