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Switzerland Turns Down Asylum Plea of Brahumdagh Bugti

Bern (November 23, 2017): Switzerland has rejected on Wednesday the request of a banned Baloch Republican Party (BRP) leader, Brahumdagh Bugti to seek political asylum after more than seven years, just a week after imposing lifetime entry ban on Bugti’s brother-in-law, Mehran Marri, said sources.

A source in the Swiss government confirmed that Brahumdagh Bugti’s asylum application was turned down because of his links with “incidents of terrorism, violence and militant activities” and the rejection letter clearly sets out these allegations.

Bugti confirmed to this correspondent that his asylum application has been rejected by the Swiss government on the basis of allegations that he has links with the banned Baloch Republican Army (BRA). He said that he had the right to appeal and he will take his case to the next level of Swiss judiciary and to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), if needed.

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“These are the same old allegations that I have always denied, of being involved in militancy,” he said. The Swiss government source revealed that Bugti has been given right to file appeal against the decision, if he wishes so, at the Federal Administrative Court (FAC). The FCA falls under the department of Justice and Police and next decision will be made at that level, where Bugti will be presented with the evidence that the Swiss authorities hold against him, and his lawyers will have the opportunity to present the case in defence of their client.Bugti had applied for asylum in Swiss in November 2010 claiming that his life was at risk. He had been living in Afghanistan prior to leaving the country for a Middle Eastern state and from there he flew to Geneva.

It was last week that the Swiss authorities detained Mehran Marri and his family at the Zurich airport and deported them to Germany, after slapping a ban on Mehran Baluch for having links with militancy in Balochistan. Marri was en route to Geneva for a conference on Balochistan, which he had organised with Bugti. The charge-sheet by the Swiss against Marri stated that he was being denied entry into Switzerland because he was deemed a “security risk” to the country or a UN member state.

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