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Syed Imaad Ali Wins Universal Scrabble Championship

WEB DESK: Syed Imaad Ali who won the WESPA Youth cup last year dominated proceedings on the second and final day of Universal Trophy Scrabble Tournament 2019 in such a way that he was declared the winner with one match to go. Imaad finished the tournament with a 14-4 win record and a spread of 1710.

The wonder boy, Imaad has a great chance to become the first player in history to defend his title since he is only 14 years old and is eligible to play at least four more years before he turns 18.

While on the other side, reigning National Champion, Hasham Hadi Khan finished second with 12 wins and a spread of 1004. Ali Rashid made a strong comeback on the second day to clinch the 3rd spot with an 11-7 record and a spread of 770 while Sohaib Sana Ullah slipped to the 4th position with the same win record but a lower spread of 493.