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Syria Talks: Tripartite Summit to Held on September 7

Tehran (September 04, 2018): The leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey would hold a tripartite summit in Iran on September 07, to talk about Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will attend the tripartite summit in Iranian capital, Tehran.According to international news agency, summit will held on September 7, Friday, where Putin, Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani will consider further joint efforts to ensure long-term normalization of the situation in Syria.

Putin would make a working visit to Iran for the talks and he also plans bilateral talks with each of the leaders.They would discuss further measures “aimed at finally liquidating the hotbed of international terrorism” in Syria. Discussions will look at promoting the process of a political settlement. The three leaders last met for similar tripartite talks in Ankara in April and before that in November last year in the Russian resort of Sochi.

Iran and Russia are the main allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey has backed rebels seeking to oust Assad but since late 2016 has been working increasingly closely with Iran and Russia to bring peace to Syria.

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