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Rupee Recovers Against US Dollar in Interbank, Open Market

Web Team
Karachi (October 24, 2018): The rupee recovered against the US dollar in the interbank and open market on Wednesday. The rupee hit an intra-day high

Dollar Depreciates By Rs.0.2 in Open Market

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 30, 2018): Dollar has depreciated by Rs.0.2 in Open Market today (Thursday). Selling price of dollar in Open Market has reached to Rs.124.30,

Dollar Strengthens By Rs. 0.20 in Open Market

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 17, 2018): Dollar prices are fluctuating constantly against rupees. Dollar has strengthened by Rs. 0.20 in open market. According to market sources, selling

Karachi: Dollar Declines By Rs. 5.35 In Inter Bank Market

Sania Yasin
Karachi (July 30, 2018): Dollar has started to devalue against Pakistani rupee after general elections 2018. Dollar decreased by Rs. 5.35 in inter bank market. After

Growing Poltical Certainty Impacts Dollar, Gold Prices

Sania Yasin
Karachi (July 28, 2018): Dollar’s price has further dropped against Pakistani rupees by Rs.4 in open market as Pakistani rupee remains strong on Saturday. End

Dollar Continues To Rise: Increases By 76 Paisa

Sania Yasin
Karachi (July 17, 2018): Pakistani currency continues to depreciate on the second day, Dollar rose by 76 paisa in open market, and reaches to Rs.

Dollar Has Reached To Its Highest Level ‘Rs125’

Raza Nasir
Karachi(June 20, 2018): US dollar raised to its all-time high of Rs125 in the open market on Wednesday after a further increase Rs0.5 from yesterday.

Dollar Continues To Rise Against Rupee on Tuesday

Raza Nasir
Karachi(Jun 19, 2018):There has been a constant rise in dollar value as compared to rupees. After an increase of Re.0.61 ,dollar has risen to the