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Spokesman of Ex-MNA Killed By Unidentified in Peshawar

Sania Yasin
Peshawar (July 12, 2018): Spokesman of ex-MNA Shah Jee Gul Afridi, Syed Alam has been gunned down in an attack in Peshawar. Click Play Button To Watch...

Pindi Bhattian: Police Crackdown Against Criminal Elements

Sania Yasin
Pindi Bhattian (July 09, 2018): Police arrested 21 suspects, while doing a crackdown against criminal elements. Click Play Button To Watch This Video According to...

Trump Tweet Angers Survivors of Parkland Shooting

ubaid suri
Washington (February 19, 2018): Students who survived the Parkland, Florida, shooting laid into President Donald Trump after he linked the FBI’s failure to follow up...