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Khyber Agency: Dengue Virus Cases Rise in Jamrud

Sania Yasin
Khyber Agency (September 04, 2018): Dengue virus has became uncontrollable in Jamrud town of Khyber Agency. According to authorities of Health department, another 20 patients...

Protests Against Trump’s Infuriating Statement Nationwide

syed aslam
Islamabad (August 28, 2017): Protests against the infuriating statement of American President Donald Trump were staged in many cities across the country today....

Roof Collapse Kills 3; Injured 4 in Jamrud

syed aslam
Jamrud, Khyber Agency (July 31, 2017): A couple and their daughter died while four other children sere seriously injured when the roof of a dilapidated...