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Third and Last Solar Eclipse of the Year to Show Up Today

Sania Yasin
Web Desk (August 11, 2018): Third and last solar eclipse of the current year will show up today. It will not be witnessed in Pakistan.

Light Drizzle Expected in Karachi Today

Sania Yasin
Karachi (July 13, 2018): Met Department has forecast chances of light drizzle in Karachi today. Karachiites are waiting anxiously for heavy rainfall in the city, while

Sigh of Relief for Karachiities as Mercury Drops Down

Sheeraz Sommro
Karachi(May 31, 2018): The Pakistan Meteorological Department on Monday has forecasted that the temperature in the country will likely reach 50°C on Thursday. Several areas

Tropical Storm Threatens Sindh Coastal Areas on Eid

syed aslam
Karachi (August 28, 2017): A rain-packed powerful storm moving from Indian state of Gujrat is posing severe threat to coastal areas of Sindh including Karachi