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London: Man Jailed for Life Over British PM Murder Plot

Sania Yasin
London (September 01, 2018): Man involved in British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s murder plot, has been jailed for life.  Click Play Button To Watch This

Burqa Remarks: PM May Supports Apology Demand from Johnson

Sania Yasin
London (August 08, 2018): British Prime Minister Theresa May has rebuked Boris Johnson over his demeaning claim regarding Muslim women in burqas, urging the former

Jeremy Hunt Named As UK Foreign Secretary

Sania Yasin
London (July 10, 2018): Jeremy Hunt will replace Boris Johnson as the U.K. foreign secretary following Johnson’s resignation, Downing Street. Johnson resigned earlier in the day in protest against

The Attack Was Morally And Legally Right: Theresa May

Web Team
London (April 17, 2018): Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May defended her decision to join US-led missile strikes against Syria without first seeking parliament’s