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New Spell Of Rain and Snow Enters The Country

basil bilal
ISLAMABAD: The new spell of precipitation and snow has entered the country. Shogran, Naran, Kaghan, Laouveer, Astor are completely covered with snow. Winters are in

Drizzle in Various Parts of Karachi, Weather Turns Pleasant

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 31, 2018): Weather has turned pleasant after early morning drizzle in various parts of Karachi.  In the early hours of Friday, series of

Weather Turns Pleasant in Karachi, No Rain Forecast

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 27, 2018): Weather of Karachi has turned pleasant. Met office said that weather will remain partially cloudy in the city today. However, there

Karachi: Cloudy, Windy, Pleasant Weather After Light Rain

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 25, 2018): Karachi continues to witness pleasant weather with cold breeze and dark clouds. Light rain has cleared the sky in various parts

Weather Turns Pleasant After Light Drizzle in Karachi

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 23, 2018): Weather of Karachi has turned pleasant after light drizzle, on second day of Eid-ul-Azha. Mercury has reached to 27 C. According

Rain Turns Weather Pleasant in Various Parts On 2nd Day of Eid

Sheeraz Sommro
Web desk(June 17, 2018): The weather remained pleasant in northern areas of the country, with rain forecasts for most parts on Sunday, the second day of