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Taliban Should Play Their Role for Rebuilding Afghanistan: Sullivan

Web Desk(April 26, 2018): US Acting Secretary of State, Johan J. Sullivan says, we have seen the Taliban’s announcement of their spring offensive. The announcement affirms the Taliban’s responsibility for the insecurity that destroys the lives of thousands of Afghans each year, said Sullivan.He said President Ghani recently extended an historic invitation for the Taliban to join a peace process, and there is no justification for the announcement of a new offensive. There is no need for a new “fighting season.”

US Acting Secretary of the State further said that the United States stands with the Afghan people in response to the Taliban’s announcement.We support the brave Afghan security forces who are standing against the Taliban and terrorist groups that seek to destroy Afghan society, said John J Sullivan.

It may be recalled that, the Taliban announced the start of their annual spring offensive , dismissing an offer for peace talks by President Ashraf Ghani but pledging to focus on U.S. forces in Afghanistan.The announcement of the Al Khandaq campaign, named after the so-called Battle of the Trench, fought by the Prophet Mohammad to defend the city of Medina in the early days of Islam, marks the symbolic start of the fighting season.

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