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Tarbela Dam Hits Maximum Storage Level

ISLAMABAD: Tarbela dam has hit its maximum storage level of 1,550 feet on Tuesday and the power production of the dam also reached at its installed capacity of 4888 Megawatts.

According to the Tarbela Dam officials, the reservoir is full to its capacity while today the water level of the dam was recorded 1,550 feet.

The dam administration has opened one spillway and the rest of the water is discharging through the 17 power generation units of the dam.

Today the water inflow was recorded 198,300 cusec feet and the outflow was 181,900 cusec feet, after filling the reservoir the inflow of the water and outflow would be same.

Today 17 power generation units were working with full capacity and were producing 4,888 megawatts electricity.

Tarbela Dam reservoir 90 per cent water comes from the glaciers those have started melting with the beginning of the summer and till October increased water inflow in the dam continues while rest of the water comes from flash flood and rain.