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Teri Yaad: First Pakistani Movie

Web Desk (June 28, 2018): Pakistani Urdu cinema is being giving out one after the other super-hit films today. Whole world is acknowledging its achievements but do you know which was the first movie of Urdu cinema?

After the independence of Pakistan, on August 14, 1947, many actors and directors moved to India because there were 6 studios in Lahore before the participation, but after partition and Pakistan had only 3 studios, two of which were destroyed by uncertain situations of country, and only studio was saved. Due to lack of work here, many producers and directors later moved to India.

Initially, Pakistan Film Industry was quite weak, but Dawood Chand stayed unaffected, and intended to make two films which he did. First movie ‘Teri Yaad’ was released on August 7, 1948 and stayed for a significant time on celluloid screens.Dawood Chand was associated with films since 1931, initially he worked in silent films, but when the concept of audio in film was introduced, he became a director of the film.

As a director, his first movie was ‘Jeevan ka sapna’. Before partition, some of memorable films directed by him includes ‘Sipahi’, ‘Shan Islam’, ‘Sassi Punnu’, ‘Paraye Bus Mein’ and ‘Ek roz’.

After the partition, this film was directed in a short time span of a 3 months, by Dawood Chand, with Nasir Khan and Asha Posley in lead roles while the film was produced by Dewan Sardari Lal.Nasir Khan was the brother of tragedy-king Dilip Kumar, after partition, Yousuf Khan changed his name like the rest of the artists. Later, named himself as Dilip Kumar and went to India, but Nasir Khan remained in Pakistan and he spent all his life here.

Apart from Nasir Khan and Asha Poseley, cast of the film includes other Najma, Sardar Muhammad, Rani Kiran, Zubaida, Jehangir, Nazar and Master Ghulam Qadir.Dialogues and stories of the movie were written by Khadim Mohiuddin, while his music was created by master Inayat Ali Nath.

There were 13 songs recorded for the film, but only 10 were included in the movie, which were sung by Munawar Sultana, Ali Bakhsh Zahoor and Asha Posley.

The film did not show great impact on the box office, but it is honored as first Urdu film of Pakistani film industry.

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