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Thankful To China Over Help Against Prevention of Coronavirus: Zafar Mirza

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Special Assistant on Health Dr Zafar Mirza has thanked China over its assistance to Pakistan for containing the global pandemic coronavirus.

A eight-member delegation of Chinese doctors visiting Pakistan for combating the virus along with their ambassador today visited the National Institute of Health.

Briefing the visiting delegation, Dr Zafar Mirza said that Pakistan has taken initiative in line with Chinese government while the Chinese government has taken timely and effective measures against the coronavirus if it were taken on time it will harm more.

Dr Zafar Mirza said that China helped Pakistan despite difficulties while arrival of the Chinese medical staff is encouraging and he thanked China for helping Pakistan in the testing times.

He also welcomed the Chinese medical delegation while Pakistan will take full benefit of Chinese delegation and aid.

Dr Zafar also informed that the government is initiating training of health professionals in Pakistan.

The SAPM said that Chinese government made a history while keeping a mammoth 60 million peoples in quarantine centers while China completely screened the people going abroad while whole of the world should learn from Chinese initiatives.

He informed that as many as 1560 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the country but no patient came from China in this total while those who arrived from China quarantined for 14 days.

The SAPM said that Pakistani government took difficult decision of not bringing the Pakistan students from China and the Chinese government fully took care of the students.