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There Is No Alternative of Parents: CM Punjab

Lahore: Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has said that parents are the name of true passion and faithful relation and there is no alternative of them. 

In his message on the parents’ day, the CM Punjab said that respect and rights of the parents have been stressed more in Islam and that is why our every day is full of love for the parents because one gets success in the world and hereafter only through serving and respecting the parents.

Declaring the best training of the parents as an asset, Usman Buzdar said that he is on this position only due to his parents’ training and education.

He said that his father concentrated a lot on his education and training and his mother has guided him on every occasion adding that it is true that the relation of parents is free of any interest.

The CM said that the parents are like shelter and the beauty of this relation is that they build our personality through their hard work and sincerity adding that the parents nurture feelings of sincerity, tolerance, love, sacrifice and altruism.

Sardar Usman Buzdar said that the purpose of the day is to highlight the importance of the parents and acknowledgment of their respect, greatness adding that the prime objective of this day is to promote the passion of love, thankfulness and respect for the parents.

He said that one can reach heights by respecting their parents.