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Thor: Ragnarok’s New Trailer Released

California (July 25, 2017): Marvel has released a new trailer for its next “Thor” movie, “Thor: Ragnarok.”

It’s the third movie in the franchise. A new villain, Hela (Cate Blanchett), destroys Thor’s home of Asgard and he gets sent to the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) where he’ll be forced to fight the Hulk.

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Thor will team up with his brother Loki, Hulk, and more to take her down. Still no sign of Thor’s dad, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), in the trailer. The movie will be in theaters on November 3, 2017.

Like a good shot and chaser, it seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be leading up to its longest film ever with one of its shortest films ever.

Thor: Ragnarok has not yet seen its final cut, but the movie may end up being the shortest film in the MCU, director Taika Waitit teases. This would beat out 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, which clocked in at 112 minutes, or 1 hour and 52 minutes. Since then, most of the movies in the MCU have been over 2 hours.

Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker Taika Waititi has talked about the Hulk’s (Mark Ruffalo) surprising baby speech ability in the film, explaining what drove him to give the character the ability to speak a bit better. Joining his fellow Avenger, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as he tries to save Asgard from total doom in the hands of Hela (Cate Blanchett), the raging green monster appears to have developed speaking abilities similar to a toddler’s – but definitely an improvement from before.

It has been a while since we last saw the Hulk (or Bruce Banner) following his sudden take off by the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fortunately, the Ragnarok panel plus its newly released trailer at the recently held San Diego Comic-Con brought some new details as to what he has been up to. While we still do not know how exactly he ended up in Sakar, we found out that he has been on the planet for quite some time without going back to his human form when Thor meets him in the battle arena. The God of Thunder may be happy to see his “friend from work,” but his supposed co-worker doesn’t seem to be all thrilled to meet him, at least at first. With Banner’s intellect slowly manifesting towards Hulk, however, his consciousness and apparently, speaking abilities, are becoming useful to the Green Goliath as well.

Waititi explained in an interview that Banner’s and Hulk’s polar opposite demeanors prompted him to find a way to somehow showcase that despite their differences they both exist in a single entity.

 “I was always fascinated by the duality of Hulk and Banner, and seeing how their brains could be interconnected. Could we sometimes see Hulk and could we have a bit of Banner’s voice in there? Could we see Banner and have Hulk’s personality through there?”

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