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Those Standing by Nawaz are Also Corrupt: Imran

Karachi (December 14, 2017) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday that ‘godfather’ was brought to the dock for the first time.

Addressing lawyers at Karachi Bar Association, Imran said that those standing by Nawaz Shairf were also corrupts and feared that next turn of accountability could be theirs’.

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He said that no power mafia was brought to book in this country and Nawaz’s ‘dragging’ to JIT and courts sent signals to mafias that next turn is theirs.

He added that the country had changed forever after the disqualification of a “powerful” prime minister.PTI chief emphasised that justice is the foundation of a strong economy and that progress cannot come till there exist separate laws for the rich and the poor.

“The law should protect the weak against the powerful,” he said, adding that “democracy persists when there is rule of law.”

Imran said that Nawaz was parting that democracy was in danger, adding that Nawaz’s corruption rather democracy was in danger.

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