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Three Suspects Arrested in Karachi ‘Arms Recovery Case’

KARACHI: The City Police investigation department has detained three people in connection with the huge quantity of ‘old and rusted’ arms that were recovered from beneath the ground floor of a building in old city area of Lea Market.

The detained suspects were identified as Mohammad Saleem, Mohammad Shafeeq and Faizan. According to police, the detainees held control of the building with them at different times since year 1984. “The building is property of a former governor’s trust,” police said.

Meanwhile, the suspects have expressed their ignorance about the weapons hidden on the ground floor of the building located on Siddiq Wahab Road.

The police operation, launched on Friday night, led to the recovery of 63 revolvers, 183 sten guns, 13 anti-aircraft guns, six mausers and pieces of different sophisticated weapons.