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Tips To Spend A Joyous Eid-ul-Fitr

Web desk(June 14, 2018): Eid is often considered as an occasion for children. For adults, Eid brings up lots of tasks to be completed.  As compared to men, eid is a busier occasion for women.

Eid is a festive occasion, which means lots and lots of get-togethers. Women of families are tasked to arrange all those get-togethers, which makes them busy in the kitchen and their whole eid gets wasted. So for ladies, if you plan and manage your tasks effectively, a couple of days ahead, it will become easier for the Eid day and you will be able to spend more time with family and guests.

List Down Your Tasks:Note down all the tasks ahead of time, and completes them by order. This will release the burden of Eid day and your day will happy without any stress.

Make A Menu:

Make a balanced menu for all three days of Eid before time, and get the supplies accordingly to avoid missing out anything on last day.

Prepare All The Crockery And Cutlery:If you are having guests coming over on Eid, prepare all crockery and cutlery to serve in advance to spend more time with guests rather than looking for stuff all over.

Prep The Food:

Finish all the preparation of food a night before so that cooking can be completed quickly and hours in the kitchen can be avoided.

Home-decor:Prepare the space of house where you will be entertaining your guests. Put carpet on the floor, clean your tables, put new flowers and make the place welcoming for guests.

Prepare The Welcoming Drinks:Weather of Pakistan is really hot these days, so make sure to prepare and chill the welcoming drinks ahead of time and make sure you have enough ice cubes available.

Finish All Tasks Before The Arrival Of Guests:

Finish all your remaining tasks on Eid day, before your guests arrive. As it is not appreciated, that guests are sitting at your place and you are busy in the kitchen or other preparations.

Follow these tips and make your Eid stress-free to enjoy it with family and friends.

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