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Today is death anniversary of Dr. Mohammad Deen Taseer

Today is death anniversary of well known Urdu writer, critics and poet Dr. Mohammad Deen Taseer. Dr. Taseer born on 28 feb 1902 in Amrtisar. He completed his M.A from Lahore and done Ph.D in English from University of Cambridge. Dr. was principal of Islamia college of Lahore in his last days.

Dr. Taseer was a great ghazal singer, His famous poetry are
داور حشر! مرا نامہ اعمال نہ دیکھ
اس میں کچھ پردہ نشینوں کے بھی نام آتے ہیں
دل نے آنکھوں سے کہی آنکھوں نے دل سے کہہ دی
بات چل نکلی ہے اب دیکھیں کہاں تک پہنچے
حضور یار بھی آنسو نکل ہی آتے ہیں
کچھ اختلاف کے پہلو نکل ہی آتے ہیں

His poetry collections are ‘Atish Kadha and Articles of Taseer. Dr. Mohammad Deen Taseer died on 30 November 1950. He was the father of former governor of Punjab Mr. Salmaan Taseer.