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Today is death anniversary of revolutionary leader Hassan Nasser

Hassan Nasser belongs to famous nationalist family of Deccan (Hyderabad). He was born on 12 Aug 1928. He did his Senior Cambridge from Hyderabad and then goes to Ali Garh University for higher studies.

Nasser migrates to Karachi after Partition and joins Communist party of Pakistan. He suffers monetary during his life and also gets punishment of banishment in 1955. After his punishment ended in 1956, he returns back to Pakistan and takes responsibility of organizational tasks of National Awami Party.
When country suffers with Marshal Law in 1958, Hassan Nasser had to go underground because of terrible situation in country, but he got arrested over a treacherous tip on 9 Aug 1960. He then detained at the notorious detention of Lahore and faces horrible torture.
However, he failed to make up to his injuries which he had during third degree torture and died on 13 Nov 1960.

As per tradition, police pictured the death of Nasser as a suicide but the famous religious leader of East Pakistan Maj. Ishaq Mohammad arranged a prominent Lawyer Mehmood Ali Qasoori through whom he filed a petition in court whose judge was Justice M.R Kiyani.
Kiyani takes action on the petition and ordered police to appear Nasser in court. But when police failed to present Nasser in court then it was cleared that due to police torture Hassan Nasser has been martyred.