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Toxic Alcohol Kills 82 People in Indonesia

Jakarta (April): At least 82 people killed by toxic bootleg alcohol near Indonesia’s capital last week, and several hospitalized.

Laboratory tests revealed the deadly brew contained pure alcohol mixed with herbal beverages and high-caffeine energy drinks. A police official also reportedly said at least one suspect included mosquito repellent in the concoction.The international media reports that, In Jakarta and the neighboring province, police found thousands of bottles and plastic bags containing the bootleg mix, which was sold for around 20,000 rupiah ($1.45) per bag.

Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, levies heavy taxes on alcohol, prompting some to make their own liquor. While bootleg home brews have occasionally been linked to fatalities, this is the deadliest instance reported in years.

In 2016, 36 people reportedly died after drinking a homemade batch of alcohol. Police have detained around a dozen men who are suspected of making and selling the liquor.

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