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Trailer of Jurassic World 3 Released

LOS ANGELES: When fans arrived for their showings of F9 this past summer, they were met with a surprise sneak peak of another massive upcoming blockbuster for Universal, Jurassic World 3 aka Jurassic World: Dominion. The teaser “prologue” was only available in IMAX screenings of the movie, but months later, it’s finally been released into the wild.

The prologue, which Universal notes is not part of the actual finished film, chronicles the life of dinosaurs in the before-extinction times. The effects are dazzling, and recall, of all things, Terrance Malick’s prehistoric sections of The Tree of Life. Somewhat hilariously, a certain creature from the original Jurassic Park makes a cameo before the action jumps ahead to present day, where dinosaurs are alive once again … and rampaging through a drive-in movie theater. Life finds a way, baby.