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Transparency International To Release Its Corruption Report of 2019 Today

ISLAMABAD: Transparency International will today (Thursday) issue its global report on the 2019 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which in the case of Pakistan will determine whether corruption in the country under the PTI government has decreased or increased during the last year.

The Transparency International’s annual report on CPI is formulated on the basis of input from 13 international agencies.

The Transparency International’s 2019 report will determine whether Pakistan has improved, maintained the last position or have lost ground against corruption. Curbing corruption has been the main slogan as well as the commitment of the PTI not only before the 2018 election but also after it came into power. In case, the TI 2019 report improves Pakistan’s point from the last 33 and its ranking from the last 117th position than the PTI government will be praised for its efforts. However, in case the TI 2019 drops Pakistan’s position in terms of points and ranking, it would serve a serious blow to the PTI government.