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Trump Pushes for Ban on Gun ‘Bump Stocks’

Washington (February 21, 2018): US President Donald Trump has signed an order to ban bump-stock devices, which were used by a gunman who killed 58 Las Vegas concert-goers last year.

Such devices enable a rifle to shoot hundreds of rounds a minute. speaking at the White House, Mr Trump said he had directed the justice department to propose a law to make the accessories illegalThe gun control debate took on a new urgency after 17 people were killed at a school in Florida last week.

In all around 100 students, spread across three buses, made the journey of more than seven hours to the state capital.For many of these students, it is their first time to the capitol building in Tallahassee – much less to lobby their lawmakers over a national issue.

There is an excitement among the students, who sense that they may be on the cusp of starting a national movement.“We’re travelling to our state capital to make sure that none of these people that we grew up with – that we’ve known our whole lives – die in vain,” Julia Salomone, 18.

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