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Trump-Putin To Have One-On-One Meeting in Finland

Washington (July 06, 2018): U.S. President Trump will have a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on July 6, in Finland. White House advisers describe this meet event to be a chance to reset a tense relationship.

Ambassador Jon Huntsman was asked what the president hoped to achieve by this meeting, to which he described it as an accomplishment in itself.This meeting in Helsinki will be followed by an extended bilateral meeting and then a working lunch, both of which will be attended by senior U.S. and Russian officials.

According to officials, the day of conversations with Putin is expected to focus on several issues, including arms control, Ukraine, Syria and Russian election meddling.Trump To Meet Putin Next MonthOn the other hand, Putin is expected to arrive in Finland with a different set of objectives, like escaping sanctions imposed over his ongoing aggression in Ukraine, and gaining a freer hand to operate in Syria.

That imbalance of objectives and preparation is making foreign policy experts anxious about the meeting.

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