Trump Seeks Unity in State of The Union Address

Trump Seeks Unity in State of The Union Address

Washington (January 31, 2018): United States President Donald Trump urged Americans to move beyond the angry partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans in his State of the Union address to Congress today.

“Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve,” he said.

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The speech marked Trump’s first year in office and came as his opinion poll approval numbers touched new lows, despite promising economic data and the president’s frequent boasts of historic victories.“So let us begin tonight by recognizing that the state of our union is strong because our people are strong,” Trump said.

“And together, we are building a safe, strong and proud America. The state of our union is strong, because our people are strong,” he added

He said “Last month, I also took an action endorsed unanimously by the Senate just months before: I recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Then Trump suggests it’s a mistake for the United States to send money to countries that vote against US positions at the United Nations:

“Shortly afterwards, dozens of countries voted in the United Nations General Assembly against America’s sovereign right to make this recognition. American taxpayers generously send those same countries billions of dollars in aid every year,” he addedTrump said, “That is why, tonight, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to help ensure American foreign-assistance dollars always serve American interests, and only go to America’s friends.”

The US president said that when the people of Iran rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship, he did not stay silent. America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom.He continued,” I am asking the Congress to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal.”

Trump moves on to national security. He calls for more military funding. Then he moves to nuclear policy and said, “As part of our defense, we must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal, hopefully never having to use it, but making it so strong and powerful that it will deter any acts of aggression. Perhaps someday in the future there will be a magical moment when the countries of the world will get together to eliminate their nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, sadly.”

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