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Trump Suggests To Sue EU Instead Of Negotiations: May   

London (January 15, 2018): British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday revealed that US President Donald Trump suggested her to sue the European Union rather than negotiate with them.

May said Trump’s self-declared “brutal” option in the Brexit negotiations was to sue Brussels, shedding light on his mysterious suggestion that has hung over their talks and his four-day visit to Britain.“He told me I should sue the EU. Not go into negotiations, sue them.” May said in an interview.

In the interview, which was published ahead of a joint press conference between the leaders on Friday, Trump also said May had “wrecked” Brexit and that her former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who had resigned days earlier, would be good at the prime minister’s job.

It made for an awkward press conference at the prime minister’s official country house, Chequers, where Trump said the piece of advice in the interview article was actually a “suggestion” that May had found too “brutal.”On Friday Trump also accused the ‘Sun’ of peddling “fake news” and offered an apology of sorts to May.

“She’s a total professional,” Trump said. “Because when I saw her this morning I said I want to apologize … because, I said such good things about you.’ She said, ‘Don’t worry, it was only the press.’ I thought that was very professional.”

On Sunday, May dismissed Trump’s brutal suggestion, and said: “Actually no, we’re going into negotiations with them (the European Union). But interestingly, what the President also said at that press conference was, “Don’t walk away — don’t walk away from negotiations, because then you’re stuck.'”The British PM said ,”I sit down with the President of the United States of America and we come to agreements and put them in place.”

“That is part of our very special relationship,” May said, adding, “the highest degree of special” — a reference to Trump’s description of the US-UK relationship during Friday’s briefing.

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