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Armed Forces Pose No Threat to Democracy: DG ISPR

Rawalpindi ((October 14, 2017): Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Pakistan has told the US that the only trust based relations can take us together.

Addressing press briefing, he said that the armed forces pose no threat to democracy in Pakistan.

He said democracy can be threatened by the people’s wishes and by not fulfilling democratic duties, but no threat is posed by the country’s armed forces.

“We will play our part as and when required but whatever we do will be done by staying in our defined legal and constitutional limits,”

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Referring to an earlier statement about the country’s economy that garnered harsh criticism from Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, Ghafoor said that he felt disappointed by the minister’s reaction.

“I was disappointed, both as a soldier and citizen, at what was referred to as an irresponsible statement by me,” he said. “The country’s security and economy are closely interlinked and directly related.”

He added that the recently held seminar on the interplay of security and economy included all relevant stakeholders.”

He insisted that all of the stakeholders, including the business community, have to come together to jointly tackle the current challenges to Pakistan’s economy.

“The security situation plays a key role in the country’s economy and all stakeholders must jointly work to improve the country’s situation,” Ghafoor said.

“I have never said in any of my press conferences that only the armed forces have worked hard against the current challenges; I have always said that all institutions have made great efforts to move towards a better future.”

He added that all stakeholders will continue to make joint efforts to counter all challenges, adding that he stands by his earlier statement that was the army’s stance and not his ‘personal views.’

He also said that there is no more room to ‘do more’ to fight the war against terrorism in other countries.

Addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, Ghafoor said that the armed forces have done a lot in Pakistan and ‘will do more for the motherland in collaboration with our institutions’ but there is ‘no more room to do more’ for other countries.“Pakistan has done a lot to improve its security situation in the past 15 years, especially in the past eight years,” he said, adding that only trust-based relations with the international community can take us forward.

Referring to an intelligence-based operation conducted on Thursday that led to the safe recovery of a Canadian-American couple and their three children, the DG ISPR said that the intelligence sharing and cooperation can ensure a better security situation.

Replying to a question regarding interior minister Ahsan Iqbal statement, he said that “I am as a solder and citizen of Pakistan disappointed over interior minister s statement.”

“The Pakistan Army is a state institution and it is very important to sit and talk about things,” he continued. “If we need to improve the economy, we will have to bring certain changes and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor needs to be supported [holistically] he said.”“Never did I say that Pakistan’s economy has been destroyed or something of that sort,” he clarified.

“We have all done a lot of work for the economy. And I have said the same thing: we have to sit together. It is a very simple [request]: that everyone needs to cooperate,” he said.

During reply DG ISPR has aired video of his statement talking with a private TV channel program.

He said that he did not said that Pakistan economy was not stable or in downfall but only suggested for the steps to improve the economy.

“And I’m stand with my words,” he clarified.

“Without strong security, economy can’t be stable,” he mentioned.

DG ISPR giving details of Canadian family recovery said that the US through its ambassador sought help in this connection and Pakistan forces started operation for their recovery on the information shared by the US agencies.

The terrorists were on two vehicle

“The US intelligence shared information regarding the Canadian family and asked for their safe recovery. US intelligence told that family is being repatriated to Pakistan from Afghanistan at 4:10 at the day,” he said adding that Pakistan army during the operation carefully separated terrorists by bursting tyers of their vehicle from the abducted family vehicle to ensure their safe recovery with the help of intelligence agencies personnel.Returning to engagement with Donald Trump’s America, the army’s spokesperson said that initiatives had been taken and the US had responded. “You have seen the results, and you also saw Trump’s statement [praising Pakistan following the recovery of the abductees],” he said.

“The Afghan war could not have been won without Pakistan,” he offered, “but we need to cooperate in ways that are mutually beneficial. Engagement builds trust. You can have apprehensions, which could be debated about. Security cooperation is ongoing and will continue,” he added.

He dispelled the impression Pakistan-Us joint operation and said, no Pakistan-Us joint operation will be conducted on Pakistan soil.”Replying to a question, DG ISPR said, “there is no danger to democracy by armed forces as continuity of democracy essential for the country.” and “Army will not take any step beyond the law and constitution.”

To a query he said that the civilian government appointed the army chief, however both consult each other but the final decision would have been take by the civilian government.

“There is no such country in the world where difference among the institutions are not witnessed, therefore it is not alarming situation regarding difference among the institutions,” he said replying to a question.

DG ISPR refused to comment over a question regarding Captain Safdar statement in National assembly regarding Ahmadi’s.

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