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Turky giving top diplomatic, Nato posts to anti-western, pro-Russian figures?

The Turkish government has been accused of giving top diplomatic and Nato post to anti-western’ and pro-Russian figures.

Hundreds of Nato officials and diplomats have been purged by Turkey after the failed coup in July, in a move branded illegal by the Council of Europe.

There have been allegations by those purged by the Turkish government that they were being replaced by ‘ultra-nationalist’ and ‘anti-Western’ officials.

It is estimated that 100,000 state personnel have been suspended or dismissed in Turkey, accused of supporting Fethullah Gulen, a cleric the government claims orchestrated the uprising on July 15, which claimed 240 lives.

Last week Nato’s top military officer, General Curtis Scaparrotti, said that around 150 Turkish officers had been recalled or retired, putting a huge strain on his staff.  A number of those dismissed have written to General Scaparrotti voicing concerns about their replacements.

One leaked email, The Times reports, said: ‘I and my Turkish colleagues observe a considerable rise of ultra-nationalist, anti-western sentiments within our military and throughout our state departments.

‘It is very worrying to witness that some of the newcomers from Turkey to Nato have a radical mindset, some question the values of Nato and even hate western organisations while holding pro-Russia-China-Iran sentiments.’ Among those reportedly replaced are two senior officers in the Turkish defence attache’s office in London.

It would be a huge boost to Russian president Putin at a time of heightened tension with Nato, at a time when Russia is beefing up its military presence on Europe’s borders. It would also reduce the effectiveness of Nato, which depends on agreements between its 28 members.  Last month Erdogan described Turkish staff linked to the failed July 15 coup against his regime as ‘terrorists’