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Twitter Bans Duplicate Accounts And Bulk Tweeting

Web-Desk (February 22, 2018): The Twitter authorities have announced major limits on how users and apps can automate tweets, in order to combat spam and political propaganda bots.

Developers are now banned from using any system that simultaneously posts “identical or substantially similar” tweets from multiple accounts at once, or makes actions like liking, retweeting, and following across multiple accounts at once.

Twitter will remove these options from its own Tweet Deck app, and third-party developers have until March 23rd to comply.

Twitter says these actions are “an important step in ensuring we stay ahead of malicious activity targeting the crucial conversations taking place on Twitter — including elections in the United States and around the world.”The company laid out a series of specific policies and exceptions for account automation. Instead of sending the same tweet from multiple accounts, users can send one tweet and have multiple accounts retweet it, but they can’t use “bulk, aggressive, or very high-volume automated retweeting.”

The ban on bulk tweeting applies regardless of whether you’re posting a bunch of duplicate tweets at once or scheduling them across a longer time period.

Apps can still cross-post alerts from other services (like RSS readers) to Twitter, but only to a single account.

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