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Twitter Will Not Block Pakistani Accounts Unilaterally

ISLAMABAD: The micro-blogging social media site Twitter has decided not to suspend its accounts confirmed by the government of Pakistan unilaterally after Pakistan National IT board chairman held meeting with twitter administration in the USA.

Pakistan National IT board chairman, Shabahat Ali Shah, in his recent visit to America talked on twitter management in details over pressing the government of Pakistan and voices of Pakistani customers through Indian monopoly on the social media site.

As per the Pakistani point of view India’s rouging by twitter speed up threefold after it abrogated article 373 of its constitution and hundreds of twitter handles raising voice against Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir representing the government of Pakistan and citizens of the country were blocked.

Pakistani government against the India monopoly on the social media micro blogging site through strong lobbying with the twitter administration have agreed upon to set a procedure to reactive as many as 250 Pakistani suspended twitter handles.

Chairman of IT Board Pakistan by creating harmony with the twitter management has resolved the most of the matters related to twitter through the direct meetings with the twitter management without doing any agreement with it as the twitter is not registered in Pakistan.

The twitter management accepting Pakistan point of view has changed the procedure of blocking of the accounts, according to which its administration will contact to Pakistani if it received any complaints and suspension related to Pakistani verified accounts.