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Two Migrants Shot Dead in Serbia

Belgrade (August 02, 2018): Two migrants have been shot dead on a road in Serbia near the village of Dobrinci, around 45 km northwest of the capital Belgrade.

According to officials of the country, there are as many as 3,600 migrants in government-operated camps in Serbia.

Right activists said that hundreds of other migrants are scattered in Belgrade and towns along the borders of Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary as they try to enter the European Union.Hundreds of thousands of migrants passed through the Balkan route from the Middle East, Africa and Asia passed on their way to the West in 2015 but it was shut in 2016 when Turkey agreed to stem the flow of people in return for EU aid.

However, migrants still arrive in Serbia, mainly from Turkey, via neighboring Bulgaria using smuggling networks.

According to international news agency, Serbian authorities have arrested dozens of people smugglers.

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