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Typhoon ‘Jebi’ Claims 9 Lives In Japan

Tokyo (September 05, 2018): The death toll in the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years, rose to nine on Wednesday.

According to the details, typhoon ‘Jebi’ slammed into the west coast of Japan around noon on Tuesday, bringing maximum winds of 216 kilometers an hour and heavy rain.

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The powerful gusts ripped sheeting from rooftops, overturned trucks on bridges and swept a 2,591-ton tanker anchored in Osaka Bay into a bridge leading to Kansai International Airport.

The damage to the bridge left the airport, which is on an artificial island, cut off from the mainland, and around 5,000 people were stranded at the facility overnight.

Parts of the airport’s runways and basement were also flooded after high waves whipped up by the storm washed into the facility.On Wednesday morning, a boat service was ferrying people from the airport to nearby Kobe, the transport ministry official said. But there was no indication yet when the airport, which runs over 400 flights a day, might reopen. Hundreds more were injured, mostly by flying debris, local media reported.Whereas, evacuation advisories were issued for more than 1.22 million people as of Wednesday morning, while another 29,600 people under stronger, though still not mandatory, evacuation orders, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said.

Around 16,000 people spent the night in shelters across 20 prefectures in Japan. In Kyoto, it brought down part of the ceiling of the tourist magnet’s main station, and in Osaka, the high winds peeled scaffolding from a multi-story building.Up to some 2.3 million households suffered blackouts and businesses, factories and schools in the affected area shut down while the storm crossed the country.

Nearly 800 flights were cancelled, including several international flights departing and arriving at Nagoya and Osaka, along with ferries, local train services and some bullet train lines.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had urged people to evacuate early and ordered his government to take all necessary measures to protect residents.

“I urge the Japanese people to take action to protect your lives, including preparing and evacuating early,” he said.

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