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U.S, UK top world’s 10 most powerful passports

There are certain countries in the world where visa is not needed for entry because passport alone is enough. Based on this a list of most powerful passports are being compiled about how many countries could be traveled to without visa on the passport of a certain country.

U.S. and Britain are at the top of this list of most powerful passports of the word because people bearing these passports could travel to 147 countries of the world without visa. France, Germany, and South Korea are at number two position and their citizens could travel to 145 countries without visa. Italy and Sweden are at third position- their citizens could travel to 144 countries without visa.

Singapore, Japan, and Denmark rank number four and their citizens could travel to 143 countries without visa while Canada, and Switzerland are number five- their citizens can travel to 142 countries visa-free.

Spain, Norway, and Belgium are at fifth position; Austria, Malaysia, and Greece are at seventh position; New Zealand is at eighth; Australia, Cyprus, Czech Republic occupy ninth rank while Poland and Czechoslovakia are ranked at number 10 of the list of most powerful passports.