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UK Defense Secretary Resigns

London (November 02, 2017): United Kingdom Defense Secretary Michael Fallon resigned on Wednesday evening after an allegation of inappropriate conduct, saying his behavior may have “fallen short.”

In a statement, Fallon said: “In recent days allegations have been made about MPs’ conduct, including my own. “Many of these have been false, but I realize that in the past I have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces, which I have the privilege to represent.”

Earlier this week, the 65-year-old politician apologized to journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer after she alleged that a senior Cabinet minister had repeatedly placed his hand on her knee during a party conference dinner in 2002. She had not named Fallon directly.

According to Hartley-Brewer, the politician withdrew his hand after she told him that if he continued, she would “punch him in the face.” She has repeatedly said she is not a sexual harassment victim, writing on her Twitter account last week: “He tried it on, I turned him down. Now move on.”

On Wednesday evening, Hartley-Brewer reacted to Fallon’s resignation on Twitter and said: “I doubt my knee was the reason.” There had not been any further allegations made against Fallon at the time of publishing.

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