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UK MPs Reject All Four Brexit Options, Again

LONDON: British MPs on Monday once again failed to find a majority on any alternative Brexit plan before them, leaving Britain’s chaotic path towards leaving the EU mired in uncertainty less than two weeks before its departure date.

According to details, Parliament’s lower House of Commons seized the initiative last week by holding the first round of votes on eight alternative Brexit options but failed to find a majority on any of them.

The backbenchers voted again on Monday, hoping to find one solution that most of them could agree on.

All four failed to find a majority although the result was close for proposals to hold a second referendum and negotiate a permanent customs union with the EU.

MPs have already rejected the Brexit divorce deal three times, shredding May´s authority.

Britain was due to leave the EU on March 29 but the political deadlock in London forced May to ask the bloc for a delay. Currently, Brexit is due to take place on April 12 unless May comes up with another option.