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UK Voting Enters Final Hours

UNITED KINGDOM: The voting in the United Kingdom enters in final hours on Friday.

Voters will select their representatives for 650 seats.

The ballot marks the end of a breakneck six-week campaign during which Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, his main challenger, have battled for support despite both being widely criticised over their leadership credentials.

Johnson, 55, has promised a right-wing Conservative government would “get Brexit done” and take the UK out of the EU by the end of January 2020 with his withdrawal agreement, and warned of more “dither and delay” in the event of a Labour victory.

Leader of the left-wing Labour Party, Corbyn, 70, has said he would broker a softer divorce deal than Johnson’s and put a revised withdrawal agreement to a referendum, alongside the option to remain, within six months.

The leader with majority of  seats (at least 326) out of 650 seats will make up the government. The results are expected to be announced on 13 December.