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Unruly lawyers barge into Justice Shaukat Siddiqui’s court

ISLAMABAD: Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui continued hearing the cases at his court in Islamabad High Court when unruly lawyers tried to disrupt the hearing over certain grievances against police.

According to details, president of Islamabad High Court Bar accompanies with other unruly lawyers tried to disrupt the proceedings to stop the hearing as a protest against lawyers altercation with police. On Justice Siddiqui’s refusal to accede to demands the unruly lawyers tried to cause ruckus in Justice Siddiqui’s court.

The agitating president of IHC Bar demanded the court that it could not continue the hearing because the lawyers have gone on strike. Justice Siddiqui rejecting the demand of unruly rulers continued hearing the case saying that stopping courts from hearing the cases by force is illegal and it is akin to cruelty to the people who are seeking justice. If the lawyers take the law in hands themselves how could justice be done, Justice Siddiqui asked the mob.

Justice Siddiqui later called the court-goers and directed that their cases be presented.

The officeholders of the Bar also forcefully stopped other lawyers and people at the door of the court thereby causing inconvenience to all.