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Uproar in Sindh Assembly during budget debate in Sindh Assembly

KARACHI: MQM MPA of Sindh Assembly Mehfooz Yar Khan has demanded to make Karachi a new province, on which PPP and MQM Assembly members strongly criticized each other.

During today’s session in Sindh Assembly, MQM MPA Dilawar Qureshi expressed anger on Sindh government over water crisis in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, another MQM MPA Mahfooz Yar Khan demanded to make Karachi a new province and for administrative units, on which PPP members of the House started to make noise, while Assembly member  of MQM Waqar Hussain Shah said that those bragging right from Federation, must tell that what they are giving to Karachi, which gives 70 percent revenue.

Meanwhile, PPP leader Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that matter of division of Sindh is very serious, which must not be discussed. He said that whenever there is a talk of division of Sindh, it feels like abuse. He demanded Speaker Sindh Assembly to ban over talk of division of Sindh in the House.

Earlier, journalists staged peaceful protest in press gallery of the House, saying that the sanctity and security of the building is important, but insulting journalists in the name of security is unjust, while the journalists walked out of the Assembly building and staged sit-in outside the House. Meanwhile, opposition parties also walked out of the House and participated in journalists’ sit-in.