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US Approves $2.6B Helicopter Sale To India

WASHINGTON: The United States (US) has approved the possible sale of 24 MH-60R helicopters to India for an estimated cost of $2.6 billion, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

The principal contractor will be Lockheed Martin Corp’s Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, the statement said.

The MH-60R helicopters are designed for hunting submarines as well as knocking out ships and conducting search-and-rescue operations at sea.

Indian submitted the request late last year to purchase the helicopters, the State Department said that it was informing the US Congress as legally required.

According to the experts, India’s defence budget this year has significantly been increased which is alarming for the region and it would provide the reason for its neighbouring countries to bolster their military capabilities accordingly. India’s move may affect political stability, peace and economic progress in the region.