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US bombs Isis positions in Syria and Iraq

US fighter and bomber planes have launched five attacks against Islamic State militants near Kobani, Syria, and five in Iraq.

The Kobani strikes “suppressed or destroyed” nine Islamic State fighting positions and a building. In Iraq, air strikes destroyed an Islamic State vehicle south-west of Mosul dam and hit four vehicles and four buildings used by militants near Al-Qaim, the US military said in a statement.

Air strikes have helped to foil several attempts by the al-Qaida offshoot, notorious for its beheading of hostages, to take over Kobani. But they have done little to stop its advances, in particular in Sunni areas of western Iraq, where it has executed hundreds of tribesmen.

Islamic State fighters have mocked the US air strikes as a campaign against Islam that they say has angered Muslims and helped the group win followers across the globe.

Undeterred by the air strikes, the Islamic State fighters continued a mass killing campaign in Iraq to wipe out resistance against the group. They executed 26 more members of the Albu Nimr tribe, according to a tribal leader and security official.