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US Dollar Continues To Rise

Karachi (October 10, 2018):  The US dollar continued to spike for a second day on Wednesday as it was being sold for Rs136 in the open market, while its rate is  133.25 in Inter-Bank Market.

General Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan Secretary Zafar Paracha said that the dollar is being bought at Rs134 and sold at Rs136 in the open market.

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“The dollar has risen by a further Rs1.50 today,” Paracha added.

Earlier on October 09, the US dollar soared to Rs134.50 in the open market lending yet another blow to the rupee. The US dollar gained by over Rs6.50 to touch the new high in the open market, while in the interbank market it rose by Rs9 to reach Rs133.64 on Tuesday.

Earlier, the US dollar soared to Rs. 137 in the interbank market, said forex dealers.

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The dollar was up by Rs. 12.75 as the market opened today as it stood at Rs. 124.25 when the market closed on Monday.

The increase in the dollar has led to uncertainty in the market.

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