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US is largest military power of the world will remain so: Obama

Florida: The US President Barack Obama has said that America is the largest military power of the world and will remain adding that in his tenure actions against extremist organization IS was  successful.

Addressing McDail Air force base in Florida, Obama said that the US got noteworthy success against terrorism by supporting alliance formed to fight it instead of direct war.

He also defended his national security policy adopted in his regime and contended that the US got more secured due to his policies. However, he said that in his 8 eight years tenure of two terms of presidency not a single day passed when a terrorist outfit or man did not conspire against the US.

Obama said that due these successful policies Al-Qaqaeda’s backs have been broken, which was solely responsible for 9/11 attacks. More than half of areas captured by extremist group Islamic State have been taken back.