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US Open Final: Serena Williams fined $17,000

New York (September 10, 2018): US Tennis Association handed $17,000 fine to national tennis star,  Serena Williams her outburst in the US Open finals.

US tennis star, Serena Williams couldn’t take her 6-2, 6-4 defeat to opponent, Naomi Osaka and had a outburst. She went on to verbally abuse and call umpire Carlos Ramos a thief.The fines, announced on Sunday by the U.S. Tennis Assn., break down to $10,000 for verbal abuse of chair umpire Carlos Ramos, $4,000 for being warned for coaching and $3,000 for breaking her racket.Serena said, ‘you stole a point from me, and you are a thief’. She further demanded an apology from match umpire, Ramos.

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