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US, Russia agree on ceasefire agreement

United States and Russia have agreed on ceasefire agreement, while ceasefire, starting from February 27, will not be applicable on ISIS and Al-Nasra.

According to foreign media reports, Syrian president Bashar-el-Asad and government opponent parties have agreed for ceasefire temporarily, while US and Russia will be responsible to monitor the agreement. All active parties, whether from government side or opponent government will be bound not to attack against each other under the agreement. According to the summary of agreement, ceasefire will be officially applicable from February 27.

According to foreign news agency, ceasefire agreement will not be applicable on extremist group ISIS and Jahat Alnasra, as UN security council has added both parties in terrorists list and attacks will continue against them.

Russian President Putin, during telephonic talk with his counterpart Barrack Obama, has declared ceasefire agreement, a real measure to stop bloodshed in Syria.

US Secretary of States John Kerry urged all parties over ceasefire.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon welcomed the agreement and directed all parties to follow the agreement.