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US Senate Panel Narrowly Backs Pompeo As Sec Of State

Web Desk(April 24, 2018): The Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly endorsed Mike Pompeo as secretary of state following a fraught session on Monday, paving the way for his speedy confirmation likely in time to attend a NATO summit on Friday.The vote, which split along party lines, reflected tension over the Trump administration’s hawkish foreign policy, Mr Pompeo’s views and accusations of heightened partisanship in the midst of an election year.

Nine Democrats on the committee voted against Mr Pompeo but were ultimately outnumbered by 11 Republicans after Rand Paul, a libertarian Republican from Kentucky opposed to interventionist wars, threw his support behind the nominee in a last-minute decision.“We’ve been at war for too long and too many places . . . we must come to understand that regime change doesn’t work, that often regime change has actually made things worse,” said Mr Paul. The senator said he had opposed Mr Pompeo, a foreign policy hawk who has advocated regime change in Iran and North Korea, in case he pushed Mr Trump towards war.

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