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Using Social Media Makes People More Lonely

Web Desk (November 10, 2018): A latest study revealed that social media use increases depression and loneliness.

A University of Pennsylvania study has proven that reducing social media use to 10 minutes a day (like that’s even possible) can help reduce depression and loneliness.

In order to better understand how social media may be connected to loneliness, we must first recognize that it is not a simple equation.Just as there are a variety of reasons in which one may use social media, there are different ways in which social media could be fostering loneliness.
The ease of accessibility may be causing us to connect more in the digital realm, but disconnect from the world around us.

In a survey exploring social media patterns, it was found that individuals who spent more time on social media every day felt lonelier than those who spent less time engaged in social media.

Additionally, those who spent more time on social media in a given week felt more isolated than those who checked their social media less. An increase in social media use has been associated with increased distractibility and sleep disturbances.There are different ways in which social media could be fostering loneliness.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that even seemingly mild distractions from a buzzing phone could cause individuals to experience a decrease of present enjoyment.

For example, if you’re at a social gathering and impulsively grab your phone as you feel the notification vibration, even if you do not continue to open the app, this brief moment could cause a feeling of disconnection with others present at the gathering.

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