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Uzair Balochl: From transporter to gangster   

KARACHI:  Son of a transporter named Faiz Mohammad alias Faizu Mama, Uzair ventured into crime world after murder of his father by a gangster Arshad Pappu in 2003. Then Pappu was a rival of Abdul Rehman alias Rehman Dakait, another gangster, who was killed in a police encounter in 2009.

On pursuing courts over his father’s murder, Uzair received threats from Arshad Pappu’s gang on which Rehman, alias Rehman Dakait, took him under his wing. It is said Uzair refused to join Rehman’s gang initially but came around the idea later as they shared a common enemy. Uzair was arrested by the late CID SSP Aslam Khan from his ancestral land in Sujawal in 2003. During his time in the Karachi central prison — a total of two hours — Uzair tended to a few PPP workers which earned him protection on his release. After his release on parole, Uzair got involved in social work and opened schools in the area.

But there was a paradox — extortion had become rampant and thrived in the main markets of Lyari as people were too scared to refuse them.

With this, Rehman Dakait’s death in an encounter brought Uzair in the forefront. He was selected unopposed in a unanimous decision by all the gangs as the new gang leader.

The PPP, which keeps its association with the Peoples Aman Committee non-committal, protected Uzair until 2012. Owais Muzaffar, better known as Tappi, wanted to contest elections from Lyari, which was refused by Uzair. The ensuing rift within the PPP-PAC relations called for a hastily put together operation in April 2012, which insiders say was based on completely political reasons. The operation was called off after a week and as a result the PPP had to bow down to Uzair’s demands to pick and choose people from his cadre to contest in the general elections of 2013.

From murders to extortion to attacks on law enforcers to spying for foreign intelligence agencies, Baloch has had a history of wicked crimes in Karachi.

He is booked in over 100 cases involving murders, attempted murders, extortion, arms smuggling, attacks on police and Rangers, and spying for foreign intelligence agencies.

The notorious gangster is also accused of strengthening Baloch separatist organisations and other outlawed groups in the areas under his control.

Among the cases registered against him, Arshad Pappu murder case, Sher Shah scrap market carnage case, Inspector Fawwad murder case, Lyari arms smuggling case and police encounter case are significant.

Baloch has been declared absconder by Anti-Terrorism Courts in 45 cases, while sessions courts have acquitted him five different cases.

He had fled the country following the launch of an operation in the megapolis against criminal elements back in 2013.

The notorious gangster was apprehended by Rangers from the outskirts of Karachi on January 30, 2016, while he was attempting to sneak into the city.

However, the Pakistan Army has taken custody of him on charges of espionage and he will now be tried in a military court.