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Voting for general election continues in Britain today

LONDON: United Kingdom is having general elections for 650 seats today, where 3971 candidates are contesting while 50 million people will cast their vote in the election. Voting will be continued since morning 7 am till 10 pm at night.

Out of 650 seats, the party who would get 326 seats, would govern alone, Conservative Party and Liberal Party have tough competition, meanwhile, Liberal Democrats Party could get several seats.

Online voting would be possible for the first time in Britain. In view of general election around 50 thousands polling stations have been established in school, library, church, clubs and saloons.

Out of  3971 candidates, 1020 women are participating in general election, where Conservative Party leads with 648 candidates while Liberal and Lib Dem have 641 participants.

Final results would be announced tomorrow, whereas, 111 men and 48 women are also contesting for membership in UK parliament.

All parties campaigned in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland before the election, while representatives of both major parties, David Cameron and Edward Miliband are face to face again in Premiership race after five years.

Prime Minister David Cameron tried to impress people over his five-year performance, while Liberal Party leader Miliband presented the flaws of the Conservatives by exaggeration and appealed to vote Liberal Party.